There is just 1 week left to qualify for the 2014 Summer Finals Tournament. Not only will the Top 40 players Citywide compete for Visa gift cards but the 1st place person from each location will also earn a chance to win. Even if you’re not that far up in the rankings, you may still have a second chance to play, so don’t give up yet. The week before the Finals, we will have a special game for players that rank 41st thru 50th Citywide or 2nd thru 10th at a location. The final 10 players at that game will advance to the Finals as Wild Cards. Good luck to you all and we’ll see you at the table!

GAME CHANGES & INFO – Gators Dockside on Baymeadows will be cancelling their Sunday game at the end of this session. The August 24th game will be the last until football season ends.
Tilted Kilt’s Thursday game has moved to Wednesday @ 4pm. The points will transfer to that day. If anyone that has points is unable to attend the new game due to work, school or prior commitments, please contact Leilani as soon as possible to discuss other possible point options. Gift certificates will be awarded to the winner each week.
Tilted Kilt’s Friday game will move to Izzy’s Pizzeria at 8206 Philips Hwy. It is located behind Pure Nightclub at the corner of Philips and Baymeadows Road. The game will start at 7pm. All existing TK Friday points will move there.
JPA has expanded to Georgia! Sharkbite is located at 104 St. Marys St W in St. Marys, Georgia. The game starts at 6pm on Thursdays. Each player receives a free drink and the winner receives a $20 bar tab. If anyone is trying to earn a spot in the Finals, this is a great opportunity. There have been two games there so far. A win might earn some lucky person a spot in the Finals. The tournament director travels from the Southside and is willing to take people that want to go, so if you’re interested in taking a 45 minute drive to play some poker, give Fred a call @ 662-6597.
Woody’s on Blanding Blvd has changed their Thursday game to 6pm.
Come on out to Cliff’s Bar & Grill on Monument Road. Cliff’s features great music, delicious pizza (among other menu items) and cold drinks, so come say hello to Fred on Mondays, Aaron on Wednesdays and Robert on Thursdays. On Mondays and Thursdays the winner receives a $10 bar tab. Hope to see you soon!

DIRECTORS CHALLENGE – The 2014 Summer Director’s Challenge was held this past Saturday at Woody’s on Blanding Blvd. Not only was the food excellent, the card playing was pretty good too. I am proud to say the Directors pulled out a much needed win bringing the score to Players – 7 / Directors – 6. Here’s the list of winners:
1st Thea Smith $200 Visa card & $100 WBPLC buy-in
2nd Thaddeus Mayers $100 Visa card & $50 Applebee’s card
3rd Mike Musson $50 Visa card & $50 Melting Pot card
4th Mel Leonard $60 Gate gas card
5th Terrie Wagner $50 Chili’s card
6th Scott Fisher $45 Olive Garden card
7th William Higgins $40 Outback card
8th Jeannifer Tucker $25 Joe’s Crab Shack card
9th Frank Hall $20 AMC card
10th Jeri Greer $15 Wendy’s card
HH Lori Wolfe $20 Visa card
Remember that every Week 9 is the qualifying period for this event. The top scoring players during that week are invited to play. Even if you didn’t qualify for this one, you might just qualify the next time.
Be sure to check into Facebook regularly for any current updates.!/pokerjax


“Industry executives and analysts often mistakenly talk about strategy as if it were some kind of chess match. But in chess, you have just two opponents, each with identical resources, and with luck playing a minimal role. The real world is much more like a poker game, with multiple players trying to make the best of whatever hand fortune has dealt them…”

- David Moshella, Global Research Director for the Leading Edge Forum


JPA was started in October of 2004 as a Texas Hold'Em League. We supply locations for people from all over the Jacksonville and Orange Park, FL areas to play Poker Tournaments FREE of charge with NO TIPPING/PAYING DEALERS, NO BUY-IN or SIGN-UP FEE of any kind to our players. These are NOT TURBO GAMES. You aren't forced to play because blinds go up so fast that you can't play your cards the way you want to. This is the REAL THING! Each tournament is setup & run by JPA in different bar & restaurant locations weekly around the Jacksonville area. Millions of people are on-line playing poker daily, but that does not compare to playing in person with other players of varying skills & trying to read people for bluffs.

JPA is giving the public a much-needed outlet to join in the fastest growing phenomenon in the country today & FREE of charge. Players learn to hone their skills as well as enjoy the excitement & camaraderie of a live tournament situation without gambling. Playing with JPA is the BEST way to prepare players to ready themselves for cash play at the local card room, on board the gambling boats or even Las Vegas, but most play because it's just good clean fun!

We have recently expanded our list of available games to include Omaha, Eight-or-Better Omaha, Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple, Seven-Card Stud, Razz, Double Deal Hold'Em and many other varieties of poker. The mixed games have started to become quite popular, so if you're looking for a little variety, be sure to check out our dealers' choice game locations.


WIN $1,000 for 1st Place in 6 Week Midway Tournament*

WIN $2,000 or more for 1st Place in 13 Week Finals Tournament*

WIN $4,000 or more for 1st Place in JPA Annual Tournament*

Total projected annual prize pool :
Over $70,000

WIN Other Prizes Depending on Prize Pool for Each Tournament

*Prize amounts are subject to the amount of player donations received.
All Prizes will be awarded in the form of a Visa Gift Card.

Throughout each tournament JPA will periodically be giving away Visa Gift Cards at selected locations. Locations will be featured on our webpage and emailed to the players.


Always remember our motto:



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